Who We Are

Jo-Anne Kirley

Rob Maxwell

Jo-Anne Kirley and Rob Maxwell
  • Began her career in qualitative healthcare market research in 1995, building a successful healthcare practice from the ground up at Camelford Graham Research Group.
  • Later became Senior Vice President at Ipsos Health, heading up its qualitative healthcare practice in Canada. Then in 2008, she joined the Health Initiative, a communications agency specializing in health education and supportive brand programs for pharmacists.
  • Co-founded Pulse Insights in 2012.
  • Jo-Anne’s greatest strength as a researcher is her rapport with respondents and client teams. Her expertise at translating research into strategy is based on a unique ability to connect with her audience.
  • Began his career in qualitative healthcare market research in 2004 at Camelford Graham Research Group, where he was mentored by Jo-Anne and other first-class researchers.
  • Later became Director of Qualitative Research for Ipsos Health in Canada, leading research in Canada, the US, and globally. At Ipsos, his client satisfaction scores averaged 9.4 out of 10 on the metric of ‘commercially meaningful business recommendations’.
  • Co-founded Pulse Insights in 2012.
  • Rob’s greatest strength as a researcher is his ability to stay focused on the client’s business goals. This focus helps him distill complex subject matter down to the key issues, allowing for clear/concise reporting.


We hired Pulse Insights to go to market on our behalf to gain insights from our clients on our value proposition and overall customer perception of us. Rob and Jo-Anne, as seasoned professionals, worked closely with us to first ensure they truly understood our current thinking on our company, our offerings and our team. Pulse Insights challenged us and provided useful commentary on how best to approach this type of market research. They exceeded our expectations on deliverables within the timelines and ultimately provided us with a framework to work from. We would strongly recommend working with Rob and Jo-Anne. You won’t be disappointed.

I have worked on many projects with Jo-Anne across a multitude of therapeutic areas over the last 12 years. Jo-Anne adds tremendous value to each project through her extensive research experience and skills which she applies to each aspect of the research process. From initial methodology development to implementation to final report she strives to go one step further to ensure the client will be satisfied with the final product. She is an excellent moderator who challenges respondents to provide more meaningful responses. Whatever the therapeutic area she is working in, she knows the issues and is able to go beyond the discussion guide if required to gain deeper insights. Most importantly the final report she provides is always very thorough. She goes beyond reporting on the findings and provides deeper insights and recommendations. I would highly recommend Jo-Anne.

Rob has been a trusted strategic partner and a first rate moderator throughout his work across our immunology franchise. He engages our team to think about the objectives and business decisions from a new perspective, making sure the research is truly aligned to what we need. In the back room, he helps us push the discussion flow to the next level, adapting it as we go based on what we’re learning from the respondents. His reports deliver meaningful insights, and go beyond the initial project objectives to challenge our thinking and provide valuable recommendations for our business. I highly recommend him.

Jo-Anne consistently delivers high quality research, always going that extra mile to deliver great insights and sound business recommendations that are generally integrated directly into our strategic brand plans. She is the first research supplier we contact for the challenging projects.

What makes Rob Maxwell a top moderator in the pharmaceutical industry is his ability to dive right into our business objective(s) and deliver actionable insights. His business acumen and his experience in multiple therapeutic areas in the industry sets him apart from other moderators.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with Jo-Anne. She has an amazing rapport with healthcare professionals as well as patients and her ability to uncover rich insights is to be commended. Jo-Anneʼs ability to translate the learning into actionable recommendations is invaluable. In her hands, research projects run smoothly from start to finish which leaves me more than satisfied – I always look forward to collaborating on the next project.

We were extremely happy with the outcomes of Rob’s research. Rob conducted the project – which was challenging in nature – very professionally. Timelines were met and we received constant updates in regards to status and progress. Rob’s findings and recommendations were very insightful for our business. The documentation and presentation were excellent.

The Pulse Insights Story

Pulse Insights has been created based on a passion for healthcare market research, the discovery of insights - exploring the many nuances of human behaviour and translating the learning to help clients make informed marketing decisions.

We have a keen interest in learning more about what is really going on with our clientʼs business beyond the objectives stated in the proposal/RFP. At Pulse, our goal is to be the objective partner who drills down to what is really needed to give COMPLETE insights that lead to actionable recommendations and positive business outcomes.

We are true collaborators – your ʻthought partnersʼ throughout each project and beyond. This is what makes the difference between a good project and a great one.

We are thrilled to be putting our heart and soul into the research that we love, and weʼre grateful for the trust placed in us by clients old and new.